Which Signs Tell That You Have Covid-19?

What Time It Takes To Be Covid Negative

The world has been crippled because of the coronavirus disease from the past one and a half years. Every country in the world is dealing with the problem of Covid-19 disease. The current situation is being handled by vaccinating as many people as we can and by rapidly testing the suspected cases.

What Time It Takes To Be Covid Negative

But with time there have emerged multiple variants of the coronavirus disease and they are growing throughout the place. This made the Administration of the United States government to bring back the mask mandates. Many countries are still reporting cases of new coronavirus cases, the vaccinated individuals are also testing positive again. 

What Time It Takes To Be Covid Negative

This is a very alarming situation and for that one must follow the mask mandates and maintain a healthy distance from other individuals. One must also know the signs which indicate whether the individual has covid or not. Over time many symptoms have shown the indication of coronavirus disease but some among such symptoms are very prominent such as: Fever, dry cough and tiredness. 

It is said that a fever occurs when the antibodies present in an individual’s body give the response to the foreign invaders in the body. In the case of Covid-19, the foreign invaders are the virus and the defence mechanism of the body i.e., the immune system fights the virus. The dry cough is also caused by this disease because the air droplets containing the virus are inhaled via the nose and the mouth. They cause dryness in the nose and the throat as the secretion of mucus is decreased because of the effects of the virus. It is very obvious that when the body is fighting foreign particles, a lot of energy is being used up, so feeling tired can become one of the common symptoms for the coronavirus disease. 

There are also some less common symptoms that are associated with the coronavirus disease now and then. These symptoms are less common because they have occurred in very few people who have been affected by the coronavirus disease. These fewer occurring symptoms are aches and pains, sore throat, headache, conjunctivitis etcetera. Now that these are the less occurring symptoms still, they cannot be totally discarded as all of them have been reported in the population that has been affected by the coronavirus disease.

One of the most problematic symptoms of the Covid-19 disease is shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties. Although these symptoms occur when the case of the coronavirus disease is very much severe. Thousands of people all around the globe lost their lives and succumbed to this virus because of the breathing difficulties they faced. 

On average the symptoms of the coronavirus disease last for a week and after that the patient can be declared virus-free only after two weeks of diagnosis. But there are some cases around the world that do not show any symptoms but when tested for coronavirus disease they test positive. It is very difficult to pinpoint such cases among the millions that have been infected because of this virus. Such cases of asymptomatic coronavirus patients can become deadly for the others. That is why, many countries over the course have announced strict lockdowns that prevented human contact to an extent. But lockdowns caused a lot of economic loss to the countries and that cannot be the ultimate solution for dealing with the pandemic.

So, with a lot of hardwork and dedication the scientists from all around the world invented the vaccines for treating the disease. The science behind the vaccines is that the disarmed virus is injected inside the body of an individual. By seeing a foreign material in the body, the natural immune system of the body is triggered, and the antibodies are formed against the disarmed virus. Now, when a real infection occurs to the individual, the body already has a past experience of dealing with the coronavirus. So, the severity of the effect of the virus becomes very less. 

This is how one can spot the signs of someone being infected by the virus. But the most important thing to remember is that one must take all the necessary precautions to prevent their exposure from the coronavirus disease.

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