What Is Nephrology Treatment? -Things You Should Know

What Is Nephrology Treatment?

Nephrology is the study of kidneys for medical purposes in adults and pediatric medicine. While until the 1950s c. the branch of medicine was called kidney medicine. After that, it was called Nephrology from Greek for kidneys or Renal Medicine from Latin and French strains.

” Nephrology; Factors, Complications, And Treatments “

Nephrology concerns with treating problems and diseases of the kidneys. Such as electrolyte disturbances and hypertension. Renal replacement therapy, dialysis, and transplant of this organ are some of its major functions. Nephrology is an important branch of the modern world, where air and water pollution is rapidly rising.

What Is Nephrology Treatment?

Simple factors for rising in Nephrology and its change of name

Loss of groundwater in India, contamination over time due to pollutants, toxins, and effluents entering the river and natural water sources is a major reason why water is becoming more pollutant. In the countries of origin of this branch, the US and Europe, with the industrial admixture of toxic elements as a source of industrial consumer metal was one catastrophic reason why the environment was destroyed rapidly, this was especially severe in the use of Lead in America, and the air pollution that brought immense upheavals such as Luddite and others in British history.

Water in South East Asia is so severe, that in some Muslim countries, during a month of religious fasting it has to be manually delivered to houses by animal skin bags to help old and infirm receive it in a month of penance.

90% of Chinese groundwater is contaminated.

Physiological factorization

In countries such as India, hypertension, and lack of water purification systems even in Industrial areas 

is common. Reliance on groundwater is severe and this means there is a major chance for diseases.

Genetic variations bring further problems with Lupus and other such diseases starting to emerge that cut across into autoimmune diseases. Lupus despite affecting more than 5 million people moves into joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, and lungs. The most common type of severe form is systemic lupus erythematosus.

Arthritis, joints, and fingers swelling are derivative from Lupus-related problems. One more extraordinary mark of Lupus is photosensitivity.

Kidney diseases related complications

All Kidney disease-related complications are worsened by High blood pressure medications. And Kidney problems make high blood pressure problems worse for them. The same follows for cholesterol, anemia, swelling, and the need to intake a lower protein diet.

Some common diagnosis methods for Nephrology

Blood tests to check wastes such as creatinine and urea.

Urine tests to look for mild to chronic kidney failure.

Imaging tests were an ultrasound that assesses’ kidney structure and size for abnormalities.

A tissue sample of the Kidney may be taken for testing.

End-stage Kidney disease

Dialysis – For dialysis, there are two methods, in hemodialysis a machine filters waste and excess fluids. In peritoneal dialysis, the wastes are absorbed in a dialysis solution.

Transplant – In a kidney transplant, a healthy kidney is surgically put into a patient, replacing one of the Kidneys.

Cancer patients – Chemotherapy is used in Kidney Cancer too.

Future Treatments

One of the new streams in medicine after Genetics and Biotechnology is Stem Cell Therapy. For as low as Rs. 10,000 the Stem cell at the time of birth from the umbilical cord can be preserved in a frozen locker, for use to build entire organs of the body if ever required. This is a new and perceivably safer way to work in modern medicine fields in opposition to the other two fields mentioned above.


Mulethi, Cranberries, Banyan tree bark, lemons, and pomegranates are commonly prescribed in Ayurveda.

As per Unani, diverting the damaging unexcreted fluids away is the main method to stop Kidney diseases. Chaulayi – Amaranth leaves, Coconut water, Carrots, and Bitter Gourd are recommended in the diet.

As per TCM, Anger with the liver, Fear with the kidney, Joy with the heart, Sadness, and grief with the lung, Worry with the spleen. This is how emotions associate with the organs. And thereon Kidney treatment involves various special medicines of the TCM branches.

Siddhas treat the diseases with Ayurvedic herbs as the base.

Tibb uses fennel seeds and recommends hot food before cold in Kidney stones. The main view being that dryness and coldness causes them.

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