Types Of Knee Replacement That Can Be Preferred!

Types Of Knee Replacement That Can Be Preferred!

If your knee is no responding well to the medications and the other treatments that you are going through, then you need to consider the knee replacement options that you have. There are two types of knee replacement surgery that you can prefer.

Types Of Knee Replacement That Can Be Preferred!

The one is the total knee replacement, and the other one is the partial knee replacement. It is essential for you to know that there are various knee replacement options that you have, and your doctor will also pick up the one which is the surgical approach. This is because it is best suited according to your needs and requirements. A skilled orthopedic surgeon is required in this procedure so a smooth procedure can be ensured.

Types Of Knee Replacement That Can Be Preferred!

Some of the possible procedure and knee replacement options are mentioned below. So, if you want to know about it, then you are suggested to have a look.

Traditional surgery

Traditional surgery is the approach in which you go underneath surgery for the knee replacement. In this surgery, the surgeon operates and replaces the knee by using the standard surgical technique.

It generally includes cutting the quadriceps tendon in a way so that the kneecap can be turned over, and it also gets exposed to the arthritic joint. You will have to rest for three to five days after this surgery in the hospital and about two months in your home because this is the normal recovery period.

Computer-assisted surgery

Nowadays, surgeons are also making use of the computer-assisted method for total knee replacement and partial knee replacement. This also involved both the procedures that are traditional and minimally invasive knee replacement procedures.

In this surgery, the surgeon fills up the anatomical data of the patient into the computer, which is also known as the registration. After the registration, the computer makes a 3D model of the patient’s knee.

This software helps in providing more better idea about the knee, and it helps in aligning the knee components in a better way in the bone. This also helps in increasing the odds that the device which is going to be fitted will work in an effective way. It also provides a great benefit to the patient by reducing their recovery time.

Minimally invasive surgery

This is suggested by the surgeon as it helps in reducing the trauma onto the tissue, reduces the pain, and is also helpful in decreasing the blood loss, which leads to a speedy recovery.

You need to know that minimally invasive surgery is the approach in which the incision is reduced to 3 to 4 inches. It is important for you to get clear about the thing that the difference between this kind of approach and the normal surgery is that in this procedure, the kneecap is pushed on the other side rather than getting turned over.

Since the surgeon cuts very little muscle in this procedure, so it is healed faster. There are two types of minimally invasive approaches.

Quadriceps sparing approaches

When the surgeon makes the minimal incision, then the surgeon shifts the kneecap on the side, and it also cuts the arthritic bone without making any cuts on the quadriceps tendon. This method is very less invasive than the traditional form of surgery for knee replacement.

You need to know about another term for this approach which is subvastus, because, in this, the access to the joint is done from under the vastus muscle.

Lateral approach

You need to know that this approach is used in very rare conditions. This is a more common kind of procedure for people whose knees bend on the outward side.

In the lateral approach of the knee replacement, the surgeon enters the knee joint in a lateral way or from the sides of the knee. It is a less invasive method than the traditional one. This approach shortens the recovery period to four to six weeks only.

The ending thoughts!

These are some of the knee replacement options that are available for people who are completely safe. These procedures have helped a lot of people to enjoy their life again and have also made them more active.

It is advised to you that you should talk to your surgeon in order to decide which procedure is best suitable according to your needs and requirements.

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