Treatment For Amblyopia, When Should Vision Be Tested


Amblyopia is the infection in your eye and is also called a Lazy eye in layman`s terms. In Amblyopia one of the eye of the child has low vision and is unable to see from that eye.

However, it is very hard to detect at an early age as kids won’t be able to tell the difference between a good eye and a bad eye.


Treatment For Amblyopia

Treatment For Amblyopia

Eye Patches – Amblyopia is usually treated by asking the kids to wear an eye patch. The eye patch goes over the good eye and by this method, the doctors ask the kids to use only the weak eye so as to make it more strong.

This process takes several weeks or several months to make the weak eye strong and needs a constant check-up from the doctor to update the status of the weak eye. Once the vision is normal the child may need to wear the eye patches once in a while on the strong eye as the weak eye may lose its vision again over time.

Eye Drop or Glasses – Many times doctors prescribe eye drops to weaken the strong eye of the child so that vision is the same on both eyes and the kid can make the weak eye strong easily.

Sometimes kids are also prescribed glasses only for one eye so that they use the weak eye. However, both methods are not much preferred as this puts a lot of strain on the kids on maintaining the glasses and taking eye drops from time to time.

Surgery – Surgery is rarely prescribed by doctors as this is only required in very high stages of amblyopia. If the child has cataracts or droopy eyelids which have led to amblyopia then they would need to consider surgery as an option.

However surgery is the last option and during the initial stages, doctors will go for eye patches and eye drops, and then too if there is no improvement only then an eye surgery is taken up.

Choosing the right eye patch

This might be one of the toughest things. Eye patches are easily available in all medical and chemist stores. However, you should always buy the right size eye patch for your kid.

The eye patch should not be too tight nor it should be too loose that it falls down every time the kid takes a walk. Make sure the eye patch is big enough that I encompass the whole eye. Many decorated fun eye patches are also available in online stores.

How to keep the patch ona to the kids

Kids won’t like their stronger eye to be blinded as this will put more strain on the weak eye and they won’t easily understand this process. Kids will try to remove the eye patch the first chance they get or when they are away from their parents to see clearly with the stronger eye.

Parents should explain to their children why these eye patches are necessary and how wearing them will help them retain their vision in the weak eye. The explanation should be simple enough for the child to understand. Take the help of the pediatrician as they have adequate training and experience in dealing with this.

Many times school-going children won’t want to wear eye patches and would prefer eye drops as they are being made fun of in the class. During this scenario, the child`s parents and the teacher should discuss this and come up with an effective countermeasure. Eye patches might be too straining for the kids and eye patches are always desired and prescribed by the doctors.


It is to be noted that amblyopia can also be hereditary from the parents. Also if one of the children has amblyopia then other children should also be tested to check if they have any issues in their eyes.

A simple visit to the ophthalmologist will help you know if any of the other children have this issue. The diagnosis is pretty simple the doctor asks you to read few words by keeping a lid on one of the eyes to determine if there are any issues. Children should not be afraid of amblyopia as this is easily treatable.

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