Top Remedies That You Need To Know For Curing Herpes Naturally Forever

Top Remedies That You Need To Know For Curing Herpes Naturally Forever

Herpes is basically an infection that comes from the herpes simplex virus. Although there is no cure for this infection now, there are some simple treatments that can help in relieving the symptoms of herpes. The symptoms of herpes include sores on the skin, and it affects the mouth, eyes, genitals, and anal area. It is essential for you to know that most of the time, the pus is formed in these blisters, which sometimes also results in inflammation.

Natural Methods For Curing Herpes

This kind of condition is labeled as one of the long-term health problems. The medication is not able to provide a complete cure for the herpes virus. However, these medicines can suppress the signs, but you need to do some remedies for curing herpes in a natural way. There are some natural remedies that are helpful in curing the herpes infection. If you are interested to know about these remedies, then you are suggested to have a look at the points listed below.

Top Remedies That You Need To Know For Curing Herpes Naturally Forever


The first and the most effective remedies which you can do for curing herpes on a natural basis are warm and cold compresses. Whenever you find out that a blister is occurring, then you should apply mild heat onto it. For the mild heat, you can place warm raw rice inside a sock in the preheated oven, and then you can press the heat onto your infected areas. The heat helps in reducing the inflammation as well as pain caused by the blister. You can also make use of cold compresses rather than hot compresses. This can be made by wrapping ice in a cloth and then gently press it on your blister. You can repeat these compresses in three hours.

Oregano oil

This oil comprises carvacrol which is an essential ingredient for treating herpes. This particular substance has antiviral properties, which are very effective and works best for curing herpes. It doesn’t only have antiviral properties, but oregano oil is also well known for having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. You can easily use this oil. The only thing you have to do is take a few drops of this oil on a cotton ball and then apply it to the affected areas. This oil can be sued up to 3 times on a regular basis to fight the herpes virus.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the great ingredients which have antiseptic properties, and it is also capable of soothing your skin. It helps in the drying of the sores which are caused by herpes. When the sores are dried, then it removes the moist conditions, which are seen around herpes and blisters area. The dryness also accelerates the healing of herpes. You have to mix the baking soda into a bowl of water in order to create a mixture. Make use of a cotton ball for soaking the solution, and then you should rub that cotton ball onto your sores.

Aloe vera

You can easily find the aloe vera extracts without any hassle. The gel which is extracted from aloe vera is found to be an excellent remedy for herpes. It contains 50 ingredients that help in improving your skin’s health. Aloe vera gels is a natural moisturizer that soothes your skin by its antiviral properties. You can easily apply the natural gel to your sores or blisters. Make sure to clean your fingers first and then extract this gel out from the aloe vera leaf. It is advised to you that you should immediately apply this gel to your affected area and then let it dry for few minutes of time.

The final sayings

These are some of the most effective natural remedies which anyone can consider for curing herpes. There are no side effects of using these remedies, which means you can try it out without any worries. Once you make use of the above-mentioned natural remedies, then you will indeed find them helpful, and you will get positive results in a concise period of time. Just make sure to be consistent with these remedies and not lose hope. You can naturally cure herpes forever by considering these remedies.

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