Tips To Improve Your Life With Migraines – 4 Things To Remember!

Tips To Improve Your Life With Migraines

Migraines can be difficult. That earth-shattering pain that shoots through your forehead and traverses through the various parts of your head. It forces you to take a step back from all of your daily tasks and lie down for a bit. It shows up unannounced and interferes with your activities. You might have tried various medications, but all they offer are fleeting moments of respite. At some point, you accept that this is going to be a regular part of your life. You decide to toughen yourself up and face it while handling all the other aspects of your life. This eventually starts to take a toll on your body and mind, and at some point, you just find the whole process cumbersome.

Tips To Improve Your Life With Migraines – 4 Things To Remember!

Well, while we understand how difficult living with this can be, there are some changes you can make to your lifestyle that could help alleviate the level of discomfort that comes with trying to live with migraines. 

Tips To Improve Your Life With Migraines

1. Find a cozy spot

One of the first things you can do is try and look for a tranquil space amidst your home and try to find comfort within it. You may do that by trying a range of things like turning off the lights, adjusting the temperature to one that suits your comfort, and maybe try to sip a cup of coffee (in moderated amounts). You see, when you have a migraine, your sensitivity to sounds and lights could be increased. This is why, you could find a dark, quiet place and maybe try to get a short nap in between your busy schedules. You may even try to apply hot or cold compresses to your neck and head region, as this could lead to a relaxing feeling spreading through your tense muscles.

2. Establish a proper sleep schedule:  

While migraines may malign your sleep patterns, it is also important to remember that a lack of proper sleep could be triggering them. Some important steps to keep in mind if you are attempting to provide yourself with sound sleep while suffering from migraines include the setting of designated hours of your day just for sleep, trying to avoid any distractions, cutting down on caffeinated substances at least a couple of hours before you sleep and not trying too hard to put yourself to sleep. Another important thing could be to try and unwind at the end of a tiring day. Different people have different ways of relaxing. So, whether you want to read a good book, listen to some soulful music, take a relaxing bath, or just sit alone in the silence, just make sure it helps you feel sleepy and comfortable.

3. Eat healthily and eat regularly: 

Food is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while combatting migraines. Your diet plays a huge role in determining the outcome of various inconsistencies in your body, including but not limited to migraines. Most people who suffer from migraines find that certain food items trigger it. It could range from cheese to chocolate, but whatever it is, just make sure you try to avoid these foods altogether. Furthermore, make sure you have a consistent meal intake. You could try to prepare a food chart or maybe just set reminders on your phone, to eat at specific timings or intervals. You should also make sure to not skip meals, as this could be a huge contributing factor to your migraines.

4. Make exercise your buddy: 

You have probably read this countless times and must have heard this from several relatives and well-wishers. Exercise really helps you regulate your migraines. While this incredibly cliché statement might be plastered in every website you have looked at, and might even have been drilled into your brain, it does happen to be true. You see, when you exercise, release endorphins that essentially block the pain signals that are sent to your brain. This could alleviate your migraines to a large extent. So, if you are not something who usually finds themselves engaging in physical activities, then start slow. Try going on short walks, or swims and eventually work your way up to more challenging exercises, or increase the durations on the ones that you enjoy. 


There are additional ways such as reducing stress, finding a sense of balance in your life, and even relying on medical help if the extent of your migraines is too much. While this may all seem overwhelming at first, don’t let it get to you. Find your own ways of dealing with migraines by going on journeys of self-discovery, and maybe use the above-mentioned steps if you are looking for a place to start. Most importantly, don’t let migraines define you. You are bigger than this, and with some self-care and faith, you will definitely overcome this.

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