Does Smoking Induce Any Health Hazards? Risks, Addiction, Treatment


Smoking or smoking tobacco is a fashionable pleasure activity that is one of the few things that are common in Europe, Asia, and North America in a day to day life!

Smoking kills. Smoking is a form of dried tobacco leaf consumption in vapor form. From a humanities subject outlook, when the industrial times came, it brought immense pollution in the air and a dire need to mechanize and move away from nature.


Does smoking induce any health hazards?

Our bodies became sensitive and poisoning by non-natural compounds was a growing concern.

Does Smoking Induce Any Health Hazards?

The most strategic aspect is that it is less of the tobacco that kills, but the other compounds that go in the lungs with it, when a person smokes. Such as tar. This is a lethal element.

In the early 21st century, the non-European aspect of this hazard was shown in a commercial motion picture in America, The Insider, with an evocative background score by Australian Lisa Gerrard and the all-mighty Russel Crowe as the protagonist.

It shows a nerdy, golf-swinging Russel working for a tobacco company that through its lobbying and muscle creates legal bossing on people in America. The firm says, they are in the tobacco delivery business and so cannot be sued for all the deaths due to smoking.

Russel goes against his well-paying job by giving the technical papers in the company to Al Pacino, a media man, who then creates a large scandal.

They win. And because he is removed from the company, divorces, and has two daughters, he sits and counts the natural rhythms as his daughters look on. This is a true story from America, based on a man Jeffrey Wigand in the Southern states there.

E-cigarettes are the next thing that came in America and across the world. To use a USB-charged machine that vapors the cartridge of tobacco. It had less tar. It is still harmful enough to be avoided.

The reality check

An old-fashioned farmer in any part of the world can tell you, in any farm is to resist animals from grazing it, a fence of tobacco is grown to make them run away!

Tobacco has intense dependence capabilities and will cause your nervous system and the breathing cycles to torment if you stop it.

On another hand, this becomes handy when a person has to be de-addicted, and thus in Western worlds at the least, cigarettes are offered to stop heroin, cocaine, and other highly addictive substance abuse cases. 

Because alcohol creates no addiction, cigarettes are the most demanding problem till today. People believe they are doing a casual leisure activity, but it is being in detest to nature and the body they possess. For, smoking kills slowly and carefully.

The problems of Cancer, chemotherapy, and voice box loss are extreme and dangerous. And even a decade after leaving the habit has the ability to strongly create a demand in the body if snuffed accidentally.

Most herbalists will warn of the dire outlook that tobacco creates with its addictive properties, such as finger curling and inflammation that can last a very long time.

Reasons and ways to quit

If a person is strong-willed and capable, the habit goes that previous time he or she smoked as last time smoked in life. On the other hand, the use of tobacco chewing gums helps.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, a near-perfect art film actor in America, gave up the habit by chewing gum. Many people see a bright future once they kick the habit, and most face challenges too. This cannot be taken in one cure fits all.

To quit a substitution can be done to the body in any oral help, by way of candies or any other simpler yet surely vice. Chewing gums, water intake cycles, and many other methods are available. There are nicotine-blocking tablets that will take away the joy from the drags taken.

A sure gate against rebellion

If we cannot express what is important, then we must not rebel against the norm, but wait until the expression comes. 

Thus, if a rebellious lifestyle exists, the person must listen to himself and take action on that, and not continue to symbolize the repression by killing oneself.

Smoking is a bad habit and causes immense problems, even to those who live with the person, such as kids and family. It is a surely avoidable habit that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. By anyone and everyone. De-addiction counseling and medication help stop the habit.

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