Tips For Pregnant Women To Keep Themselves Safe During COVID-19 Outbreak!

pregnant woman cooking with face mask during the quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the entire world, making it difficult for people to lead their normal lives. The statistics from around the world show how dangerous this disease is and how it can easily infect any individual. As a result, people, especially pregnant women have to become extra cautious and ensure that they practice all the safety guidelines and preventive measures.

The novel coronavirus basically spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes and releases the virus through respiratory droplets in the air or if you touch a surface that has been touched by an infected person.


Tips For Pregnant Women To Keep Themselves Safe & Healthy Amid COVID-19 Outbreak!

Pregnant women have to not only take care of themselves and avoid getting infected with the virus, but they also have to ensure maximum safety and protection for their unborn child. To date, there have been very few cases reported wherein a pregnant woman infected with the virus has given birth to a child who has been infected.

However, there have cases reported about newborn babies being infected with the coronavirus. This is why it is extremely important for pregnant women to keep themselves safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Below are some essential tips that pregnant women can follow to maintain their health and safety.

pregnant woman cooking with face mask during the quarantine

Practice Social Distancing

Pregnant women should follow social distancing as much as possible and avoid being part of a crowd. Do not go out for any kind of errands and if you do have to go out, then ensure that you wear a mask that covers your face adequately. Also, avoid touching your face or even the mask unnecessarily.

Hand Wash

This is one of the most basic preventive measures that need to be followed by everyone, including pregnant women. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, multiple times in a day. Alternatively, you can also use an alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hands thoroughly.

Be Aware

Ensure that you are well aware of the various symptoms of COVID-19 so that if you notice any of the symptoms, you can immediately reach out to your health provider. Fever, potential diarrhea, respiratory problems, etc., are some of the key symptoms of this disease.

If in case you have come in contact with an infected person, then apart from looking out for any of the symptoms, you must also monitor your body temperature. If you notice that your temperature is high, reach out to your doctor and follow their instructions.

Online Check-ups

Regular check-ups are a part and parcel of your pregnancy journey. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is recommended to avoid personal doctor appointments and opt for video consultations and online check-ups. This will help you to avoid unnecessary risks. Also, it is better to club 2-3 of your tests in one visit itself, if possible, so that you do not have to make multiple visits to the hospital.

Most of the doctors themselves are opting for video consultations and will ask you to come only if it is urgent. So, make sure that you keep up with your online check-ups and reach out to your doctor immediately if you notice any issues related to your pregnancy or the virus.

Avoid Unnecessary Face Touch

One of the major habit that people have to change because of the COVID-19 pandemic is to avoid touching their nose, mouth, eyes, etc., unnecessarily. This is more important for pregnant women as this unnecessary touching can have an effect on the baby as well.

Adequate Sleep

Ensure that you get an adequate amount of sleep so that your mind and body have enough time to relax. It has also been proved that getting sufficient sleep ensures that your immunity also remains strong. A strong immunity will go a long way in helping you against such health issues. Getting adequate sleep will also aid in the growth of your baby in the womb. So, always ensure that you get the right amount of sleep.

Healthy Diet

During pregnancy, the efficiency if your body’s immune system goes down which makes it even easier for you to get infected with transmissible health conditions. This can be either through food or your respiratory system. This is why a lot of emphases is given on what a mother-to-be should eat.

A balanced and nutritious diet is the need of the hour as your baby will also receive the nutrients from what you eat. Having all the essential vitamins and minerals will not only keep your immunity strong but will also keep your baby’s immunity strong. You can always consult your doctor and ask for a diet chart.

Following these essential tips can enable pregnant women to remain safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure that they deliver a strong and healthy baby.

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