Pandemic Survival Guide Review – Does This Program Helps You To Prepare For The Coronavirus?

Pandemic Survival Guide Reviews

Welcome to Pandemic Survival Guide review. We are living in critical times. The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in the world and has claimed thousands of lives already.

Understandably, there is panic everywhere but more, unfortunately, there is confusion, misleading communication and wrong information circulating online. Wouldn’t it be such a relief if someone told you how to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a simple and comprehensive manner?

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Pandemic Survival Guide Review – Tips On How To Stay Healthy And Avoid Infection Revealed!

In this Pandemic Survival Guide review, we discuss an ebook by the Family Protection Association that seems to do just that. The Pandemic Survival Guide, as its name suggests, is your handbook compiling tips on how to stay protected in these tough times.

Ranging from what to eat to how to conserve resources, from safety measures to storage solutions, this ebook lists down the dos and don’ts in a way that is easy to follow. Let’s get down right to it then, and find out if the Pandemic Survival Guide really works for you.


Pandemic survival guide review

About Pandemic Survival Guide eBook

The Pandemic Survival Guide is an ebook authored by the Family Protection Association of America comprising precautionary measures to get you through the crisis situation generated by the Coronavirus outbreak.

It puts together important information covering various areas of your life like health, safety, and sustainability that have been affected due to the pandemic.

The book addresses the sudden change in lifestyle and living situations brought about by the disease and its several subsequent precautionary measures like self-isolation etc.

The solutions and recommendations are based on the reality of current times and take into account the problems people are facing in trying to deal with the crisis. Let’s discuss more in this Pandemic Survival Guide review.

About Pandemic Survival Guide Creator

The Pandemic Survival Guide has been put together by the Family Protection Association of America.

A thousand-plus group of experts, researchers, and professionals across different fields like healthcare, nutrition, and sustainability, this group of individuals have been working together over the years to come up with content that helps families live healthy and happy lives.

Their recent publication in this guide, to help all those who are finding it difficult to cope with the crisis due to a lack of proper guidelines and information.

How Is This Pandemic Survival Guide Useful?

Like we discussed earlier in this Pandemic Survival Guide review, this Guide is to help you safeguard yourself and your family during the Coronavirus crisis by adopting proper measures. However, for your benefit we are listing down the particular ways in which we found the guide to be useful:

  1. It is comprehensive: Once you decide to get the Pandemic Survival Guide and choose the Pandemic Survival Guide download option, you can access the contents of the ebook immediately so that you have the pdf copy of the guide at your fingertips. Written simply, it is an extensive compilation of hacks and tips. Here are the areas covered by the book:
  • Food: What to cook in these times and how to store it for longer
  • Water: Where to find clean drinking water and store it
  • Health: How to stay healthy in general and avoid falling sick
  • Energy: How to control the usage of natural resources and preserve them

2. It is all online: The Pandemic Survival Guide can be downloaded from the official website. Once you visit the website, you are offered the choice to become a member as well, after which you can receive regular newsletters and updates on the situation too. Not only that, there are options like the Pandemic Survival Guide Tutorial and the Pandemic Survival Guide Demo, all of which have been designed to help you stay a step ahead of the crisis from the comfort of your home without having to step outside.

3. It keeps you prepared: The Pandemic Survival Guide is designed with the objective of keeping you prepared for the times to come with its various remedies and hacks. It summarizes in a concise manner everything you need to keep at hand during this time, acting as a checklist so that you don’t need to run from pillar to post searching for information. If you follow the instructions, then you have nothing to worry about.

Pandemic Survival Guide Demo

Pros And Cons Of Pandemic Survival Guide 

In this Pandemic Survival Guide review, you must know both the pros and cons of the Pandemic Survival Guide. While the pros are more in number, cons are limited.


  1. Realistic: The Pandemic Survival Guide works with you in this crisis, providing remedies you can create at home with your limited resources.
  2. Credible: This Guide contains scientifically researched information by experts in various fields and is 100% trustworthy.
  3. Proven: The remedies have been tried and tested by the Family Protection Association members themselves before being marketed.


We tried very hard to be neutral in this Pandemic Survival Guide review and give you both positives and negatives of the book. However, we have to say, it was difficult to find anything against this initiative that is trying to help so many people through this tough time.

If there is one thing, then we could say it is an ebook that can only be purchased online. Hence for those of you not connected to the internet, we hope you have friends or family who can download it for you.

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Does Pandemic Survival Guide Really Help?

Let’s be clear. The Pandemic Survival Guide is definitely not a cure for the virus. There is no cure for the virus at the moment, so that’s out of the question. But what the Guide does is equip you with remedies and solutions to protect you from catching it, as well as help you deal with the consequences of the outbreak.

As we have been saying in this review, it covers all the areas of your life that need attention during this time, not just health-wise but in terms of preserving resources and helping others too.

The book has already received great praise from people who have been referring to it. According to Pandemic Survival Guide reviews we checked out, people are benefitting a great deal from the information in keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

Where Can You Buy Pandemic Survival Guide?

You can buy the Pandemic Survival Guide at the official website of the Family Protection Association website where they are currently offering an exclusive Pandemic Survival Guide Discount.

When we were working on this Pandemic Survival Guide review, we also came across some Pandemic Survival Guide Bonus guides and videos along with the main ebook.

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In challenging times, we are bound to feel helpless. After all, there is a disease doing the rounds with devastating consequences. WHO has sounded a red alert and people are being asked to self-quarantine to prevent the spreading of the virus.

While countries and governments are tackling the crisis in their own ways, people at the individual level are the hardest hit, with very few channels of communication providing authentic information.

This is where we think the Pandemic Survival Guide breaks the clutter. It attempts to simplify things and bring some method to the madness by drawing up a practical list of feasible remedies that can be practiced at home.

All the solutions provided are laid down in a simple manner that is easy to follow. Comprising recipes to cook, items to keep in your health kit and car, energy conservation measures, ways to take care of your pet, and even storage solutions for food and water, the Pandemic Survival Guide covers it all.

It must be said that this is indeed a commendable effort by the Family Protection Association. While a lot of people are devoting their energies to spreading panic, this team of experts and professionals decided to take matters into their own hands and provide a solution.

The hundreds of favorable Pandemic Survival Guide reviews are proof that people are purchasing it too. If you are yet to invest in precautionary measures, then you can give this a shot. Here’s hoping you stay safe.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pandemic Survival Guide?

It is an ebook comprising solutions and remedies to help you stay safe and healthy during the deadly Coronavirus outbreak that has overtaken the world.

What does it contain?

The Pandemic Survival Guide contains hacks and tips covering areas like health, safety, and energy conservation among others, to ensure you take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Does Pandemic Survival Guide really work?

From the many positive Pandemic Survival Guide reviews, so far it seems to have benefitted numerous people out there. However, we believe that you can only know if you try it.

Who is it for?

The Pandemic Survival Guide has been designed for everyone looking to get through the Coronavirus crisis in a calm and logical way. It contains solutions for the entire family including children, pets and your loved ones.

How do I buy it?

You need to visit the Family Protection Association website where you can download the entire Pandemic Survival Guide ebook along with bonus guides and demo videos.

Dr. John Augustine received his BA from Harvard College magna cum laude in 1987 and his Ph.D. and MD degrees from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1992 and 1993. He was then an intern and resident in Internal Medicine at the Yale-New Haven Hospital from 1993-1995. From 1995-1998, John was a clinical associate at the National Cancer Institute. He joined the faculty of the Duke University Medical Center in 2008 as Chief of Rheumatology at the Durham VA Hospital, a position he held until the end of 2017. He served as Chief of Rheumatology and Immunology at Duke from 2003-2008. He has conducted basic and translational research in the field of autoimmunity. He was focusing on the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and the immunological properties of nuclear macromolecules, including DNA. More recently, he has investigated the immune activities of HMGB1, a nuclear protein with alarmin activity, as well as microparticles. These studies have provided new insights into the translocation of atomic molecules during cell activation and cell death and the mechanisms by which cell death can influence innate immunity.


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