MOVE n BURN Reviews: An Advanced Dancing Program For Weight Loss!

MOVE n BURN reviews

We have looked at several MOVE n BURN reviews and discovered that it is the only fitness program for mature women in the market that employs low-impact dancing workouts, which women easily adopt above 40.

Women, in their life after their 40s, face several challenges. They may be balancing work and family; or living through physical issues which come forward with old age. With so much going on, fitness often takes a back seat. There are a lot of fitness programs available in the market for mature women. However, some are based on artificial medications, which may have adverse effects on mature bodies, while some are rigorous exercise-oriented, which is not positively suitable for older users.


MOVE n BURN Reviews: Does This 15-Minute Workout Program Melt Your Excess Fat?

In other words, very few companies and creators have mature women as their focus group while creating weight loss programs.

This makes the entire demographic devoid of a suitable fitness system that caters to their specific needs and requirements. MOVE n BURN reviews say that it is a fitness program that is specially designed for women over 40 years of age.

Configured by four fitness expert sisters, MOVE n BURN operates so that workouts do not seem a burden and can be enjoyed. This is made possible with the inclusion of dancing used for weight loss and achieving overall body fitness.

MOVE n BURN Reviews
Product NameMOVE n BURN
CreatorsKat Johnson, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel
Main BenefitsHelp to burn excess fat
Item formE-book
Age rangeWomen Over 40 years
Duration15 minutes daily
Price1 month – $17
Lifetime Access- $47
Money Back30 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is MOVE n BURN?

The MOVE n BURN program is a fitness system that targets women over 40 years of age. The creators believe that women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s can turn their life around and focus on getting a fit and toned body. The use of dancing is a feature that sets this program apart from all the available markets.

Dancing is always a fun activity that contradicts the monotony of boring workouts. The element of fun and entertainment makes this program extremely desirable amongst women. 

The MOVE n BURN fitness system helps in increasing your mobility and flexibility which are the two most important deciding factors of a healthy life. This ebook also fills you up with more energy with the help of 15-minute dancing sessions every day.

With so much positive energy and mobility, you are sure to notice changes in your body as well as your brain. A MOVE n BURN review has stated that the user started to feel her energy levels improve within a couple of days of following the program.

MOVE n BURN Creators

MOVE n BURN ebook is the brainchild of the four Johnson sisters who have long been committed to the field of fitness and dancing. All the four founders of Move n’ Burn are professional dancers and are aware of the benefits of a fit body.

Kat Johnson, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel decided to develop the MOVE n BURN program when they saw their mother struggling with stamina and fitness.

A recent MOVE n BURN review says that the fitness program focuses on dancing to burn the excess fat in the body. This is coupled with nutritional consultations regarding healthy eating.

MOVE n BURN Creators

MOVE n BURN Workout Program Includes

Being a dance fitness program, MOVE n BURN does not have any medications which would administer weight loss for you. Instead, the program comes with two options for the customers to choose from. The MOVE n BURN system is a great investment for all your fitness needs. 

The first option is a one-month program which includes the following:

  • Online access to MOVE n BURN for 30 days
  • One month access to a 4-week workout program
  • Low impact dance workouts
  • Recipes curated by a nutritionist
  • Online support and help

The second option comprises of a lifetime program which would provide the following:

  • Lifetime online access to MOVE n BURN
  • Lifetime access to the 4-week workout program
  • Low impact dance workouts
  • Recipes curated by nutritionists
  • Online support and help
  • One-time fee
MOVE n BURN workout program

How does MOVE n BURN work?

The philosophy of the MOVE n BURN program is based on the 4 pillars of success. These pillars are designed to be followed in the first 4 weeks of the program.

If you follow the guidelines stated under these 4 pillars, your mind and your body will be ready to accept the program and the changes it brings to your lifestyle in a better manner. In addition, these pillars are used to instill long-term fitness habits in your mind.

The four pillars and their guidelines are given below:

🔹Mindset: The first pillar uses the user’s mindset as a driving force in the first week. Under this pillar, the MOVE n BURN system clears the user’s mind of all the preconceived notions about their bodies and urges them to start anew. This is necessary for building a long-term habit of fitness.

🔹Nutrition: In the second week, the program restores the user’s energy and makes them ready for exercise. This is done by providing nutritious meals curated by nutritionists, which keep users full all day.

🔹Movement: In the third week, users start moving with the dancing sessions provided by the program. Low impact dancing increases the metabolism of the users, making them fitter and more tones than before.

🔹Optimize: In the fourth and final week, your body would get used to the changes and be ready to continue the program for long-term results.

The MOVE n BURN program administers workouts in the following three phases:

🔹Learn: In the first phase, the program would teach you the most basic, entirely safe dance moves. 

🔹Move: In the second phase, the energy levels would rise a notch by including vigorous dancing to instill movement in your body.

🔹Burn: In the final phase, the energy levels would be at their maximum. You would be required to dance to high-power songs, which would make you burn all those annoying calories.


MOVE n BURN Dancing Program Benefits

MOVE n BURN system is a fitness program that does not use any medications and relies upon moving your body to burn fat. It is based on the principle of dancing which is beneficial in more than one way.

As per numerous MOVE n BURN reviews, this ebook has the following benefits:

☑️Gives you more energy: The MOVE n BURN program makes you physically fitter to perform your everyday routine more efficiently. It makes activities such as getting out of bed and climbing stairs a piece of cake. In addition, the dancing workouts give you more energy for living your best life after your 40s.

☑️Makes you lose weight: One of the main objectives of the MOVE n BURN system is to make you lose weight. With less amount of fat in your body, you would naturally be more energetic and full of life. Most people let themselves go in the latter part of their lives. Move n’ Burn makes working out an enjoyable activity by incorporating dance in your routine so that your body gets into shape by burning fat and calories.

☑️Tones your body: The constant workouts make your once flabby body slim and toned. The dance routines focus on building muscle and reducing fat. You may not lose a lot in numbers, but you would lose a lot of weight in the form of fat and calories. In addition, the muscle volume of your body would increase, making your belly flat and your arms toned. 

☑️Heals you from the inside: All that exercise and weight loss drastically affect your heart and overall fitness. But, as per a MOVE n BURN review, the fitness program also takes care of your heart’s health. If you keep your body in shape with the help of regular workouts, all your internal organs also work properly. Along with your heart, the program also positively affects your brain by inducing endorphins, chemicals produced in your body during workouts. Endorphins can reduce stress and make you happy. 

☑️Makes you look younger: The MOVE n BURN fitness program makes you look younger than you are. This is the result of weight loss and the induction of energy in your body. All this takes away the appearance of age and gives you a refreshed look. Even with women in their late 50s and 60s, Move n’ Burn effectively makes your skin tighter and your appearance younger.

MOVE n BURN Pros and Cons

The MOVE n BURN system uses organic ways to make you lose weight. The use of artificial medication or strict diets has succeeded in making a difference in the lives of numerous women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

Every fitness program out there in the market has its advantages and disadvantages. With the help of statistics derived from many MOVE n BURN reviews, we have made a list of many pros and a few cons of the fitness program. They are the following:


  • Dancing makes for a fun type of workout.
  • Fitness through dancing improves the body’s flexibility and balance.
  • It positively heals your body and mind.
  • Burns fat and calories
  • Helps in controlling high blood pressure


  • Every user using the Move n’ Burn program might not get the same results in the same amount of time.
  • Women with breathing and heart problems may find difficulty in dancing.

Is MOVE n BURN legit or not?

The legitimacy of any fitness program depends upon your commitment to it. If you go all the way with MOVE n BURN, it is a certainty that you would feel energized and fitter than you did before. For women above 40, this is a blessing in disguise as MOVE n BURN uses natural and organic techniques to make you lose weight and obtain a fit body. Several positive MOVE n BURN reviews also point in the same direction. Some users have sworn by its effectiveness and favorable results on their bodies. 

MOVE n BURN Customer Reviews and Complaints

There are hundreds of MOVE n BURN customer reviews and testimonials on the program’s website, which tell us how the fitness program helped them become healthier and more confident about their bodies. People who have benefited from the program have also recommended it to their friends and family.

As far as complaints are concerned, very few of the users have experienced problems with the program. However, in a particularly distinct MOVE n BURN review, the user could not keep up with the dancing sessions on an everyday basis and was hence, not satisfied with the program.

MOVE n BURN  Customer Reviews

MOVE n BURN Pricing and Availability

MOVE n BURN program is a fitness program that uses the technique of dancing to make you lose weight. This way you can get fit without delving into boring workouts and monotonous exercising. As per the latest MOVE n BURN reviews, the program’s pricing is done in a very effective manner which makes it one of the most affordable fitness programs in the market. But, unfortunately, it is available on the program’s official website only.

There are two options when you decide to purchase MOVE n BURN :

👉The first option is a one-month subscription to the program. If you decide on buying that, you would have to pay $17 for a month. 

👉The second option is that of lifetime access to Move n’ Burn. This option requires a one-time fee of $47. 


Apart from the inclusions you get in the MOVE n BURN system, you would also receive the following bonus:

You would receive an additional 2 workouts with Kat Johnson. This bonus would stretch your muscles and increase your flexibility so that you get the most out of every session of your workout.

Final Verdict – MOVE n BURN Reviews

The verdict for the MOVE n BURN system is favorable. As per the MOVE n BURN reviews all the techniques and methods used by the program to make you lose weight, we have concluded that it is one of a kind. This type of program does not exist in the market, indeed not at this price point.

MOVE n BURN not only helps you achieve a fit body, but it also helps you obtain peace of mind by making you feel good about yourself. This makes it a holistic fitness tool that works on your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I am in my 60s. Would I be able to keep up with daily workouts under MOVE n BURN?

As a woman in your 60s, you would not have difficulty doing our sessions as they are designed to be low impact and easy to follow.

 Can I buy the MOVE n BURN program from any website online?

No, you would not find Move n’ Burn on any third-party website online other than the program’s official site.

 Is MOVE n BURN affordable?

Yes, Move n MOVE n BURN is a highly affordable fitness program with an option of one-week and lifetime access.

What if I do not feel the difference in myself after following the MOVE n BURN system?

MOVE n’ BURN has a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not see results after following the program.

Is MOVE n BURN suitable for obese children?

No, the MOVE n BURN system is not suitable for people under 18 years.


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