How to Prevent Hearing Loss From Noise?

How to Prevent Hearing Loss From Noise

Hearing is an important sense of the body. Where would we find ourselves without the ability to listen to our favourite songs, the chime of bells, the voices of loved ones, the coos of birds, the sounds of your favourite pets, and so many more wonderful sounds that create such a beautiful experience for us? Considering all that, it is safe to say that without the ability to hear, we would not be where we are right now. However, in today’s day and age, where noise pollution is something we are simply forced to be accustomed to, our hearing is often faced with huge risks.


4 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

Be it the loud noises of construction work, or an aeroplane taking off, our ears are constantly sensitised by these looming threats around us. Furthermore, with technological improvements in audio gadgets, we are constantly exposed to loud noises very close to our ears. This is why we must take some steps to reduce the risk of developing hearing loss, and here is a comprehensive guide that walks you through it.

4 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss

1. Watch out when you are listening to music:

Most of us are avid music lovers. We love to crank up the volume on our speakers and headphones and simply jam to them. While this may be a seemingly pleasurable endeavour, it leaves long-term negative side effects on your hearing abilities. In order to prevent this, you can make use of some precautionary measures. If you are trying to drown out the noise in your surroundings, then choose noise-cancelling headphones over simply trying to drown the noise with loud music. If you are listening to music via your headphones, then make sure to not exceed the volume over 60% of the maximum limit. Also, limit your usage of earphones/headphones to not more than one hour at a stretch. If you are forced to do so for work, then at least try to take a five-minute break between every one-hour interval.

2. Steer clear of loud noises:

One of the most prudent things to do in order to preserve your hearing abilities is to stay away from loud noises as much as possible. You’ll know if the sound is loud when you have to raise your voice to speak over it, feel a ringing sensation in your ear after it stops, and even pain in your ears. Usually, loud noises include the sound of flights taking off, construction work or even busy traffic. Make use of noise-cancelling headphones in such cases, and close the windows of your house you want to prevent any loud noises from nearby. 

3. Protect your ears in case of exposure to loud sounds:

Going clubbing after work on those Friday nights can be a staple for some people. In such places, avoiding loud noises can be quite difficult. Carry earbuds with you in such cases in order to reduce the noise to some extent. Additionally, if you are at a party with speakers booming with loud music, then try to move as far away from such sources of loud noises as much as possible. If you can, carry noise-cancelling earphones to such places as well.

4. Test your hearing abilities regularly:

If you are experiencing any signs of hearing loss, then get it checked in the initial stages itself, as quicker action can lead to a better and easier process of salvaging your hearing. If you are someone who is exposed to loud noises at work, for example, if you work on a construction site, or if you are a musician, then make it a point to check your hearing regularly, since you are at a higher risk of developing hearing loss. Moreover, if you work in noisy environments, then ensure that your employer takes all the steps to reduce the level of noise as much as possible since they are obligated to do so.


Your ears are very important organs of your body, not only for hearing but for various other functions as well. Regularly engaging in activities that can prove to be detrimental to these organs should be not taken lightly. Today’s generation is more susceptible to hearing loss and its related problems, due to the high exposure to loud noises. As a result, it is our duty to do everything in our power to ensure that we retain as much of our hearing abilities for as long as possible.

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