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Living a healthy life is a must these days and that starts with healthy food. You must be thinking that you have to stop eating some of your favorites.

Well, no. You don’t entirely have to renounce everything you love to eat. Instead, you can make some minor changes in order to lead a healthy life.

How To Modify Recipes For A Heart?

With so many heart diseases out there, you can never be too careful. So, if you see some signs or someone in your family has heart disease, then it is time that you start taking some extra precautions.

To help you out in modifying your recipes, we have a few tips for you. You can try these our the next time you are cooking:

How To Modify Recipes For A Heart

Stay Away From Fried Food

You surely know a lot of adverse effects of fried food. So, instead try to opt for food that is baked, boiled, roasted, or has as minimum oil as possible. You can even try poaching and grilling to replace frying your food.

Eat Fresh

Surely eating canned or frozen food might be convenient for you. But, you cannot go on doing that for a long while. These have many unhealthy ingredients. Go for fresh vegetables and fruits instead. In case, you have to go for canned food, make sure you choose the ones with low salt content. You can then use this to prepare a whole new meal mixed with fresh veggies and fruits.

Cut The Saturated Fat

One thing that we all know is extremely unhealthy is the usage of butter in our food. Luckily, there are numerous options out there, which contain a low saturated fat content. Olive oil and some other vegetable oils have less amount of saturated fat in them and are also full of other nutrients.

Start Using Herbs

You may not know this, but salt and sauces like barbeque sauce and soy sauce can be harmful to your body. Such harm could be prevented by replacing these with some herbs, spices, and even lemon. It’s a great way to develop your taste without having to add any harmful ingredients to your food. You can also find healthy ingredients that can give an amazing flavor to your recipes.

Reduce The Fat

If you are someone who uses a lot of oil or butter while cooking, then this one is for you. Try to cut down the fat. You can do this by inky using a minimum amount of oil or butter. If your food starts sticking to the utensil you are using, then you can just add some water or Tomato juice.

Stir Fry the Smart Way

As mentioned in the above point, you can start to add only a minimal amount of fat while cooking. Apart from this, you can start using only non-stick utensils like pans, and such. These will help you efficiently cutting down the fat by not having to add much more oil or butter to your recipes.

Don’t Skip Your Meals

Sure, it happens with everyone that once in a while they skip their meals. But when it comes to a heart-healthy diet, it is a big no. Why? When you skip your meals, there is a good chance that you will end up overeating afterward. And that is not good for you. So, keep yourself full and you won’t feel hungry and crave food most part of the day.

Choose Lower Fats

Preparing yourself for a healthy meal is no picnic. So, you need to make sure that whatever ingredients you use are mostly low in fat content. This includes using skimmed milk, brown bread, yogurt instead of the whole cream, etc. Even for vases of your recipes, try using vinegar, tomato juice, etc. instead of mayonnaise, cream, and other similar ingredients.


Now that you have some of the much-needed pointers, it is time that you start following some of these. They will not only prove to be great for your heart but also get you healthy physically. These are also some of the great minor changes that can keep your figure maintained and even help you lose weight.

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