Seven Healthy Eating Tips To Face The COVID19 Crisis!

Woman washing vegetables on kitchen counter.

With this pandemic taking control over the entire world, it’s high time to follow the best practices. Our body is made up of what we eat. It is very important to choose a healthy immune booster to stay away from the virus.

Seven Healthy Eating Tips During The COVID19 Crisis

The world is struggling to come up with a drug to kill the virus. We need to prepare our immune system to fight the disease. We need not go for any supplements or extra medication to boost immunity. We have a variety of food that we can include in our regular meals.

We are sharing seven healthy eating tips that you can follow to face COVID19.

Woman washing vegetables on kitchen counter.

Take a herbal drink every day:

Turmeric and pepper:

Turmeric has both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects in the body. Many dieticians are suggesting drinking a cup of turmeric milk daily during this pandemic. The curcumin compound is health has all the health benefits. When we consume pepper along with turmeric the effects are better, since pepper helps the body in absorbing the curcumin Pepper has antimicrobial properties and supreme effects when blended with turmeric.

Drink: We can add pepper and turmeric to almost all the preparations. Also, we can mix them in milk and drink as golden milk.


Tulasi is yet another herbal plant with a lot of health benefits. Tulsi is a go-to medicine for any respiratory illness. It is suitable for everyone.

The pandemic situation might lead to a lot of stress in your body and mind. Tulsi can help you reduce stress. They include tulsi in a lot of medication due to its healing property.

Drink: You can add Tulsi to the morning tea. You can wash and eat the leaves as such. Or you can also add it in hot water and empty a glass every morning.

Add a piece of Ginger:

Like turmeric, ginger is also a medicinal plant with anti-microbial properties. Ginger can boost immunity. It will help us recover from the symptoms.

Food items: You can have warm ginger tea or hot water with ginger and honey in it. You can add crushed ginger to all the food preparations.

Include Vitamin C:

Vitamin C itself is an immune booster. This is available in oranges, lemon, and many more fruits and vegetables. We can consume Vitamin C in large quantities, but though absorbed quickly they do not stay in the body for too long. If you need an immune system to fight back any disease it requires a regular intake of vitamin C.

Nuts can be a healthy snack:

Nuts are the good fat carriers. The body needs enough amounts of vitamins and minerals to fight back the Coronavirus. Nuts contain a lot of nutrients such as zinc, iron, and selenium. Nuts make it available and absorbable for the body.

Staying home during the pandemic also can cause cravings. You can consume nuts as a healthy snack to kick away the cravings.

Almonds and walnuts are nutrient-rich food items. They can help in boosting up the immune system and prepare the body better for a fight against the virus.

Vegetables and fruits are an important part of the diet:

To fight a deadly virus, it is wise to choose a plant-based diet. We have to avoid fat-rich food items and try to replace them with fruits and vegetables. As we all know the vitamin C and vitamin E are most needed by the immune system. These are available in fruits and vegetables.

Further, fruits and vegetables are easily digested by the body. This enhances the absorption of the nutrients too. Further, you need not spend much time in the kitchen.

Cleanliness and safety:

We have to be considerate about the safety measures to be taken while fighting a virus. Make sure to clean the fruits and vegetables before consuming them. The cleaning process applies to any food items that we buy.

Say no to laziness:

Including all the above-mentioned food items will enhance the immune system. But the key factor is to not starve. We have to maintain a proper diet plan.

It is very easily possible to be lazy in this lockdown, but we have to motivate ourselves to cook and eat on time.

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