Facts You Should Know About COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Facts You Should Know About COVID-19 Prevention Tips
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The human body has to suffer from various diseases which are caused by different bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. Though mankind has battled with many of them and won over the last few years, the coronavirus has proven as a mightier enemy. To curb its spread and keep people safe, almost all activities across the globe came to a halt for many days.

Facts You Should Know About COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Gradually the authorities have started allowing various activities with some restrictions now, and hence people will also go for such activities, which can make one more prone to the infection. To avoid the same and keep safe, one needs to follow the below-mentioned prevention tips.

Facts You Should Know About COVID-19 Prevention Tips

  • Keep hands clean: As per the experts, this virus stays on the surface for different time frames as per the surface. The moment one touches any of such surfaces where the virus is present, he may get a virus on his hand. This way, the virus keeps on moving from place to place. To break this chain, one needs to keep hands clean and wash them for 20 seconds with the help of a quality soap or handwash. This can help to keep the hands clean, and hence the moment one touches any other surface; he does not spread the same. This can help one even if one meets a few people due to job or business.
  • Use handwash or sanitizer: To keep any surface free from the coronavirus, the best option is to clean it with a quality handwash or sanitizer. The sanitizer needs to have at least 70% alcohol content, which can destroy the virus in a few seconds. With the use of a handwash, also one can destroy the protein layer of the virus and thus destroys it. A sanitizer can be a viable option as one can keep it in the pocket and carry wherever he wants. The best thing about sanitizer is one may use it any number of times but still does not have any impact on skin. Hence those who are allergic to soap can try for this option.
  • Follow Social Distance: Coronavirus can be spread with the help of droplets by cough or sneeze of an infected person. These droplets can be spread to a few feet of distance by air while the virus is still alive. Hence it can easily infect another person standing close to the infected one. To avoid this type of transmission, one needs to stand at least 3 meters away from another person. In many cases, people need to stand in a queue, but to follow this rule, one must avoid standing close to each other. This must be made a habit to keep away from infection for a longer period now.
  • Refrain from touching eyes or nose frequently: The coronavirus enters the body from nose, mouth, and eyes. Hence if one has even a little doubt of being exposed to the virus, he must not touch his mouth or eyes and nose. This can help one stay safe from the entry of the virus in the body. One must remember that the virus can damage the body once it enters the same. Until he gets the right host or career, he cannot enter the body, and one may not get infected. In case one needs to touch the eyes or nose of others also, he must wear gloves and touch them after sanitizing the hands only.
  • Keep your nose and mouth covered: The entry point of this virus is mouth, nose, and eyes. To stop being infected, one needs to cover all these parts of the body with the help of a medicated mask or even simple cotton cloth. As there is no vaccine to prevent corona, the only option people left with are precautions. One needs to keep the mouth and nose protected while moving in any such area or talking to others. One can easily talk on the phone, but while on a bus, train, or any other medium, one must protect the same with the help of a mask. One can stay free from the mask while at home if he is not infected else at home; also, one needs to wear a mask.
  • If unwell, don’t move out: In case one feels any symptoms such as fever, throat pain, trouble in breathing, he needs to stay at home and, if possible, seek medical help from experts. If the situation does not improve, one needs to stay inside until further medical help arrives. One must avoid travel in this condition and take normal food only.
  • Stay connected with health authorities: If the situation is stable or worsens, one needs to stay connected to the health authorities and, if needed, ask for further help. This can help him as well as others to save and get proper medical treatment without infecting others.
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