Can You Cure Dry Eyes Naturally?


Your vision is an extremely crucial aspect of your life, and may even be listed as one of the most important senses of the body. Any condition that negatively affects the proper functionality of your eyes, is nonetheless in requirement of immediate medical attention.

One such condition refers to dry eyes, wherein the eyes find themselves incapable of producing the required amount of tears that are necessary to maintain optimum levels of lubrication.

What Are The Different Situations That Affect Eye Dryness?

Dry, inflamed eyes with a characteristic red color are a common symptom of dry eyes, and this usually leads to a sense of discomfort when the eyes are exposed to light sources.

Can You Cure Dry Eyes Naturally

While consulting a doctor may become necessary, here are a few natural ways in which you can reduce the effect of dryness on your eyes.

🔺Wash your eyes properly and regularly –

Since the dryness in your eyes is usually a result of a lack of moisture, washing them properly is extremely impertinent in order to cure dry eyes. Wash your face regularly, and in doing so, ensure that optimum water is reaching your eyes as well. Pay special attention to the way you wash your eyes, and make sure to include your eyelids and eyelashes in the process as well.

Tepid water or an eye cleanser can be used to wash the eye well and eradicate any germs remaining. Be careful while washing your eyes while removing make-up, in order to prevent any irritation resulting from external materials getting into your eyes.

🔺Make changes to your diet –

The American Association of Ophthalmology recommends the usage of omega-3 oils in order to cure dry eyes since it has the ability to stimulate the tear gland and reduce any negative effects associated with dry eyes.

This nutrient can be commonly found in foods such as soybean oil, walnuts, flax seeds, fish such as tuna and salmon, fish supplements, et cetera. The presence of vitamins A, D, and B12 are also extremely useful for dry eyes, so ensure to include all these nutrients into your diet to naturally reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

🔺Drink lots of water –

Water is extremely useful in order to maintain stability in almost all of your bodily functions, including but not limited to the working of the tear glands. Since a lack of moisture is the primary issue in dry eyes, it is extremely pivotal for you to fulfill your daily hydration requirements in order to relieve yourself of dry eyes. Therefore, in order to alleviate the issues associated with dry eyes, consume at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.

🔺Rest your eyes frequently –

Not blinking enough can be a huge cause of dry eyes. The National Institute of Health says that staring at screens for a long can reduce the blinking rate, thus contributing to dry eyes. Since we live in a digital age, tearing yourself away from a screen can be quite a difficult task. However, if you wish to prevent or cure dry eyes, ensure to take a few minutes of rest in between work to prevent overworking your eyes.

🔺Avoid smoking –

Smoking has innumerable negative effects on your health, so avoiding it altogether is probably the best thing you can do for your body. However, it becomes increasingly crucial in order to cure dry eyes. This is because the smoke can get into your eyes and result in subsequent irritation and dryness, so ensure that not only do you avoid smoking but that you protect yourself from passive smoking as well. If you smoke regularly, then gradually decrease the regularity until you can finally quit.

🔺Warm compress –

The oil-producing glands in your eyes are negatively affected when the eyes are inflamed or irritated, and this results in a hindrance for your tear production. Making use of a warm compress can be extremely useful in keeping these glands in check and maintaining the sanctity of their functionality. Warm the cloth to an optimum amount and press it against your eyes for 60 seconds at regular intervals in order to rehydrate your eyes.

There are quite a few natural ways to heal dry eyes, so ensure to keep your options open before spending a fortune on eye drops and other medical products. That being said, consult a doctor in case the severity of your dry eyes increases.

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