How Does COVID-19 Badly Affect Your Kidney Health?

How Does COVID-19 Badly Affect Your Kidney Health?

As we all know that the coronavirus is a disease that has been emerged as a global pandemic, and it is known for damaging the lungs. But the thing is that as the number of people who are becoming infected is increasing, so more understanding of these diseases has emerged.


How Does COVID-19 Badly Affect Your Kidney Health?

You might not be aware that the doctors and the researchers are saying that this covid-19 can lead to the damage of the other organs, too, like the heart and the kidneys.

How Does COVID-19 Badly Affect Your Kidney Health?

Kidney damage due to covid-19

Some people who have been suffering from the cases of the covid-19 are showing new signs of kidney damage. The most shocking part is that even those who had no kidney issues earlier are now suffering from kidney damage. According to some early reports, 30% of the patients in china and New York who were hospitalized with the coronavirus developed some moderate level to severe kidney issues.

If we see the reports from the doctors of New York, then they are saying that that the percentage could also be higher than this.

The signs of kidney issues in patients who are suffering from covid-19 involved the high amount of protein in the urine, and their blood work is also abnormal. In some of the cases, the kidney damage is so much higher than the patients even required the dialysis.

Many hospitals are claiming that they have run short on the machines and the fluids which are needed for performing the kidney process.

The risk of kidney disease also increased when the patients have severe coronavirus, and they also have chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

How does coronavirus damage the kidney?

It is crucial for you to keep one thing in your mind that the impact of coronavirus on the kidneys is not correctly clear yet. But here are some of the possibilities which the doctors and the researchers have explored.

If you want to know about them, then have a look at the points mentioned below.

Covid-19 might attack the kidney cells

It is a matter of fact that has been observed by the doctors and the researchers that the coronavirus itself damages the kidney cells. They state that the kidney cells have the receptors which allow the new coronavirus to get attached to them, make its own copies, and them potentially damage those tissues.

These similar types of receptors were found in the cells of the heart and the lungs in which the covid-19 have caused severe injury.

Less oxygen can lead to kidney breakdown

One more possibility of how coronavirus damages the kidney is the too little amount of oxygen in the body.

The kidney problem in the patients of coronavirus is due to their lower level of oxygen in the blood, and the result of pneumonia has also been seen in severe cases of this disease.

The blood clots caused by covid-19 may also clog the kidneys

We all know that the kidneys are the filters of our body that screen out all the toxins, waste products, and extra water from the body. The coronavirus causes some tiny clots which get formed in the blood, and then they can clog the smallest blood vessel that is present in the kidney and can affect its functioning.

More cytokines can also affect the kidney tissue

The immune system when the response to coronavirus then can be extreme in some people, which led to the thing that is called the cytokine storm. When this happens, then the immune system sends a lot of cytokines into the body. Well, these are the tiny proteins that help the cells in communicating when the immune system fights the infection. But the thing is that this immediate storm of cytokines can lead to severe inflammation in the body, which can also destroy the healthy tissue of the kidney.

The final sayings!

It can be concluded that kidney damage in coronavirus patients is not understood in a reasonable manner, and more data is required for revealing how it occurs. So, the thing is that the patients who have covid-19 should always get in touch and follow up with their doctors in order to make sure that the kidney functioning is returning to normal or not.

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