Common Myths And Facts About Weight Loss – Healthy Tips!

Common Myths And Facts About Weight Loss

How much do you know about weight loss? Most of us are familiar with a tad number of diets and weight loss strategies. But how much of what we know is true?

Common Myths And Facts About Weight Loss

Are there facts we blindly believed but aren’t right at all? Peruse to find out the different myths about weight loss that you need to stop believing in right now.

Common Myths And Facts About Weight Loss

Eating breakfast is necessary to lose weight

No study has proven that eating breakfast aids in weight loss. However, breakfast being the first meal of the day, kick starts your metabolism. After all, you need the energy to start your day on full swing.

In fact, studies have shown that breakfast skippers tend to gain weight more than breakfast eaters. This might be because breakfast eaters might have other healthy habits such as exercising and consuming nutritious food while cutting out on junk.

Keep in mind that breakfast alone (if you eat or avoid) is not going to make a tremendous change in your weight. Weight gain happens due to a majority of factors, and unless you address all those, you’re unlikely to see a difference.

Skipping meals promotes weight loss

This is an absolute false belief you need to work on immediately. Skipping meals not only make you tired, but it can also contribute to weight gain! Want to know how? You’re likely to munch on high-sugar foods when you skip meals, which obviously will result in weight gain.

Your body requires adequate nutrients to function properly. Skipping meals won’t let your body make use of vital minerals and vitamins. Hence, it is crucial NOT to skip meals. It is also imperative that you eat healthily and on time.

All weight-loss diets work

Let’s face the truth: dieting will not magically keep you lean and healthy throughout your life. The weight loss industry will claim the beautiful results you might expect out of the different weight-loss diets.

Yes, some have noted a considerable change in their fat storage after following a diet. But it is essential to understand that you’re likely to gain more weight in the future if you do not follow up with the diet system.

Do you want to be on a diet your entire life? That seems like a nightmare. Hence, it is always best to incorporate exercise and other healthy weight loss habits in your daily life. Make it a habit rather than an obligation. Discover the supplement that would support in your weight loss journey by reading Resurge review

Drinking water will aid in weight loss

Water does not contain any ingredient with magical powers that can help you lose weight. But drinking water is essential to keep our body hydrated. Insufficient water intake can cause several problems that can cause other problems.

Hence, always drink enough water (but not with the idea of losing weight!).

All slimming pills are safe to use for losing weight

This is definitely a myth and believing it can turn out to be dangerous. Here’s the reason: not all slimming pills are safe or effective. In fact, some of them might have adverse effects that we don’t know about.

Always remember to consult a doctor and seek professional advice before you begin to take in an unfamiliar slimming pill. Health > Losing weight. Always put health first.

If you eat right, you don’t necessarily need to exercise to lose weight

One thing you need to teach yourself right now is that weight loss requires a balance between eating right and exercising. Only if you burn enough calories will you be able to shed off the extra fat.

Think about this: if you excessively eat super healthy foods and do not exercise, do you think you’ll remain healthy and thin? Of course not. Hence even if you eat right, you need adequate exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Eating at night will result in weight gain

The when of food consumption does not really play a role in weight loss, whether you eat in the morning or at night. Because ultimately what you eat matters.

Eating night will not necessarily result in weight gain. But this myth exists for a reason. We often munch on sugary snacks and processed foods when we’re bored or engaged in something.

Also, we are not likely to be conscious of how much we snack on. Because of this reason, you might gain weight. If you had eaten an unhealthy amount of snack early in the morning, you’d gain weight.

Carbs promote weight gain

Carbohydrates will not result in weight gain. Low-carb diets are popular and can aid in losing weight.

But there is a small factor that can make or break this situation. If you consume an unhealthy amount of refined and processed carbs, you’ll definitely gain weight. This is similar to how you put on weight when consuming other processed foods.

Hence, carbs as such do not sabotage your weight loss efforts. But it all depends on how much carbs you consume and how much health they are.

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