Clear Liquid Diet Guideline – What To Eat And What To Not?

Clear Liquid Diet Guideline - What To Eat And What To Not?

The clear liquid diet is the diet that makes it very easy for your body to digest, but the thing is that this diet consists of very less nutritional value.

You need to know that this diet is advised by the doctor before any kind of surgery or any sort of medical procedure. It is also prescribed as a temporary treatment for getting rid of gastrointestinal distress.

Clear Liquid Diet – What To Eat And What To Not?

The very first thing that you need to know is that the clear liquid diet doesn’t involve the consumption of solid food. Some people think that in this diet they only need to drink water, but it is not at all like the way people think.

Clear Liquid Diet Guideline- What To Eat And What To Not?

It is essential for you to know that the body can easily digest clear liquids. The impressive thing is that the clear liquid left nothing in the digestive tract, which makes it very easy for the doctors also to perform the kind of medical procedures or any surgery. Clear liquids are the things that provide you calories, electrolytes and hydration, which help nourish your body.

These diets are good for short-term use, but they’re not recommended for the long run, and you should not follow it without the doctor’s guidance.

Who are required to follow this diet?

You might not be aware that you need to follow a clear liquid diet before any medical surgery or procedure. It is essential for you to follow this diet in the right way so that you can avoid the issues that come during the procedure. You may also need this diet after you have gone through stomach surgery or intestine surgery.

This diet is also advised to people who are suffering from acute pancreatitis. If you feel like you are throwing up, then also doctors prescribe a clear liquid diet to you. The people whose stomach is sick are also required to follow the clear liquid diet to give the stomach the rest needed.

What is the thing that is included in this diet?

  • Juices that don’t have any pulp
  • Clear broths
  • Hard candy (you can lick it)
  • Gelatin made products like jell-O
  • Tea and coffees made without milk and creams
  • Popsicles that are plain and doesn’t have any pureed fruit or chunks in it
  • Sports drinks
  • Electrolytes drinks

What are the things that are not included in the clear liquid diet?

  • Dairy-based products
  • Tomato juices
  • Any other vegetable juices
  • Soda
  • Cold drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Solid food items

What are the benefits of a clear liquid diet?

This diet is not suitable for the long term because it contains a very small amount of nutrition, and the lack of nutrition is not at all good for your body.

But if we see the benefits of its short-term use, then there are so many. Have a look at the points listed below to know about them.

  • Helps in preventing nausea and vomiting-related issues because it is very easier to get digested.
  • Helpful in clearing the intestines because the clear liquid diet leaves no food in the intestines.
  • Helpful for the doctors for performing various medical procedures.
  • Helps in giving enough amount of hydration and nourishment to the body.

Is a clear liquid diet helpful in losing weight?

It is important for you to know that the clear liquid diet is not at all a safe option for losing weight. This is because it doesn’t provide the right amount of nutrients to the body, which is required for healthy living.

In addition to it, this diet is also not likely to work for a longer period. It is because if you follow this diet for a specific time, once you start eating back the normal food, then you will start putting on the weight which they have lost while following this diet.

Can you do this diet as a detox of the body?

Some of the studies and health advisers recommend the liquid diet while fasting or for detoxifying the body. But the thing is that fasting is not necessary for promoting health, and it can also be dangerous for some people.

This is because every person’s body is different, so what suits another may not suit you. It is advised to you that you should consult your doctor before starting this type of detox type in order to make sure that it is safe for you to follow or not.

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