Chronic Kidney Diseases – Food To Be Eaten For Healthy Kidney

Chronic Kidney Diseases - Food To Be Eaten For Healthy Kidney

The kidneys are the bean-shaped parts of our body that help in filtering the blood and removing the waste out of it through the urine. There are many factors that lead to kidney diseases, and the most common kind of factors are high blood pressure and diabetes, which is uncontrolled.

Chronic Kidney Diseases – Food To Be Eaten For Healthy Kidney

When your kidneys don’t work in the proper way, then the waste gets build in your blood which also includes the waste products of food. 

Chronic Kidney Diseases - Food To Be Eaten For Healthy Kidney

So that is why it is essential for you to follow a good diet for your kidneys. There are so many food items that you should avoid eating when you are suffering from kidney disease. If you are not aware of these food items, then you are recommended to have a look at the points that are listed below.

Dark-colored soda

We all know that how many calories and sugar sodas provide to our body, but they also contain the additives like phosphorus and that too, especially in dark-coloured sodas.

There are so many food companies that add phosphorus in the making of dark-coloured sodas in order to enhance their flavours, and it also improves the shelf life.

This additive in the dark-colored soda also helps in preventing discoloration. You need to know that your body engages this phosphorus to a great extent more than the natural and plant-based phosphorus that you indulge.

It is very absorbable, and they are found in the form of salt, which gets absorbed in the intestines. If you have kidney issues, then avoiding dark-colored sodas is the best option for you.

Whole wheat bread

It is really very confusing for people who have kidney disease to choose the right type of bread. People who are healthy are generally advised for eating whole wheat bread instead of whole flour bread. Whole wheat bread is also a very nutritious option for people because of its high fiber content. But the people who are suffering from kidney disease are recommended to eat white bread.

This is all because of the potassium and the phosphorus content of these bread. When there are more whole grains in the bread, then the amount of phosphorus and potassium are also higher it. All of the bread also contains sodium it so it is advised to you that you should check and compare the food labels.


There is no hidden fact that bananas are very high in potassium. Well, they are deficient in sodium, but you will be glad to know that one medium-sized banana contains 422 mg of potassium content.

People who have deficient kidneys are recommended to limit the bananas in their diet or altogether avoid it. Instead of eating bananas, you can eat pineapple because it is a kidney-friendly fruit, and it contains significantly less amount of potassium than the other tropical fruits available.

Brown rice

Just like the whole wheat bread, the brown rice is also the whole grain which has higher potassium content, and the phosphorus contents are also higher in it if we compare it to that of the white rice. It is essential for you to know that one cup of cooked brown rice consists of 150mg phosphorus and 154 mg potassium in it.

On the other hand, one cup of cooked white rice consists of just 69mg phosphorus and 54 mg potassium. If you want to have brown rice in your diet, then you are suggested to control its portion size and also balance it with the other foods so that the extra intake of potassium and phosphorus can be limited.

Canned foods

Today we all have busy lives, and we don’t get time for preparing our food, so we shift to eating canned foods like soups, veggies and beans, which are the convenient option. But the amount of sodium in these canned foods is way too high, and it also contains preservatives that help in increasing the shelf life of these foods. Because of this high content of sodium, people with kidney diseases are suggested to avoid the consumption of canned foods.

The final sayings!

These are some of the foods which you should avoid eating when you are suffering from kidney related disease because they give harm to your kidneys.

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