Is Basic Health Check Necessary For Adults? Is It Compulsory?

basic health check

In today`s world where we run behind carious tasks and milestones, we completely ignore our health issues until they are not of grave concern.

Is Basic Health Check Necessary For Adults? Is It Compulsory?

Nowadays many people prefer home hacks rather than going to a doctor or a health professional. This might cause a serious issue in the long run as many of the underlying conditions are not easily treatable from home hacks.

Is Basic Health Check Necessary For Adults Is It Compulsory

The main purpose of a regular health check is to detect and prevent any major disease or issues present in the body which might not be detectable in our day-to-day life but over time can be very serious and life-threatening for an individual.

Why is a health check so important?

  • Blood pressure control – Blood pressure if not checked regularly can cause a serious issue to a person. Blood pressure cannot be determined at home or through the naked eye. One needs to visit a doctor and get properly checked up. A doctor can change or lower the dosage of the current prescription based on the current blood pressure. A blood pressure patient should at least go to the doctor every 6 months to see if there is any improvement in his condition or if the disease has gotten worse or better.
  • Diabetes – Diabetes is another form of disease that needs regular check-ups by doctor or by a health care professional. If your blood pressure is seen more than 180/30 mm Hg then you have very high chances of diabetes due to high sugar content in the blood. Also if you have BMI index of more than 25 then there are good chances of you being diabetic. A doctor only after doing a check up can determine what kind of diabetes you have and will prescribe a medicine. A diabetic patient should visit their doctor at least once every 2 months to check their sugar levels in blood. This can be done by a simple blood test at the pathology lab.
  • Dental Issue – Dental issue is of grave concern as this needs to be checked up by a dental doctor. It is recommended that you visit a dental doctor once or twice every year so as to get your teeth cleaned off and to check your cavities and to see if there are any other issues in your teeth or your gums. Dental check up are very easy and less time consuming.
  • Cholesterol – Cholesterol is mostly found in women’s after the age of 45 or so. Cholesterol is a deadly issue if not maintained properly. If you have a change in lifestyle quite often then you should test your cholesterol quite regularly. Checking the cholesterol levels once in every 6 months is quite good. If you face issues of not being able to breathe or some pain in your body, then you should consult a doctor or a health professional and get your cholesterol checked.
  • Eye Checkup – One of the most important organ that should be checked by a doctor is the eyes. One should always get their eye checked up once every 6 months or so. If you have contact lens or use glasses then you should definitely get your eyes tested o as to see if there is any change in the visual number so that you could change your lenses accordingly. One should never change their lens on their own, they should always consult a doctor or a health care professional first. There are many eye care centre which provides free testing if you buy glasses from them.
  • Physical Exam – One should get themselves tested to see if there are any underlying conditions within their body. There are many hospitals and clinics where they do a physical exam at a very low cost. In physical exam they check to see if your blood pressure is normal, your BMI index and if there are any signs of cancer.

Many a time adults have this busy life schedule and often disregard small symptoms thinking it might get better overnight or after a period of time. But these are the most deadly ones as these dormant infections over time get deadly and are life-threatening. One should always get their health check at regular intervals.

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