5 Rules Of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

5 Rules Of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

In the present circumstances of a nationwide lockdown being imposed, everyone is keen on shedding some pounds or gaining some muscle, basically, wanting to make use of this period to get fitter and healthier. While having a daily regimen or exercising plays a crucial role in physical fitness, which also should be done concurrently is healthy eating.

5 Rules Of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

We often fail to understand the importance of having a balanced diet and continue to let our bad eating habits grow on us. And to top it all off, staying at home is bringing out the binge-eating monsters in us. Several factors could be responsible for impetuous eating, including excessive idle time, quarantining alone, away from home, or workload. Weight gain under such situations becomes unavoidable.

Here are some rules that you should consider following during this period pertaining to your meals and eating habits,

5 Rules Of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

  • Eating Healthy

Since the option of eating food from outside or ordering it is now wiped out, you can use this time to improve the health quotient of the meals that you consume. Home-cooked meals are the best option at this point because who knows your preferences, likes, and dislikes better than yourself.

Apart from this, the consumption of fresh fruits and salads is always the best thing to do since it not only helps with weight reduction but also with skincare and the provision of adequate nutrition to the body.

Along with meals, what you also need to concentrate on is your consumption of liquids. The human body needs at least 3 liters of water per day. While it is a necessity, water also has its health benefits because it helps the body get rid of wastes through bowel movements, urination, and perspiration.

Usage of mobile phones, laptops or televisions while eating should be completely eliminated from your list of habits as it makes one feel that they are more hungry because they need food as long as the movie they are watching lasts. You need to eat consciously so that your brains knows that you satisfy the hunger and requirements of the body.

  • Planning Meals

It is always good to preplan our routines and tasks for the day to avoid wastage of time and to ensure it’s optimal utilization.

In the case of meals, instead of going into the kitchen, looking for edibles to prepare, giving up and ultimately ordering from a nearby fast-food restaurant, a plan can be devised or a list of things that you would be able to prepare in that particular week, considering the time you’ve got could be drawn out which would prevent any confusion. You would be mentally prepared to cook for yourself for the day.

For ensuring your plan’s productivity, a schedule of your meals for the day could be made to secure regularity in meals, and adequate gaps between them. For people suffering from obesity, intermittent fasting and diets,  under a certified dietician’s guidance, could be followed at this time.

  • Being Watchful And Cautious About The Calories And Quantities

Being observant of your eating habits will make you aware of how much and what you consume. To know how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or fats the dish contains and getting to know it’s nutritional value is of utmost importance. Being a mindful eater will always help you in the long run.” How?” you may ask.

It is because bringing a change in your eating habits and turning the bad habits into good ones will take a considerable amount of time, effort, and self-control. Still, if you look at the bigger picture, it is always good to eat clean. Once you get used to eating clean, it would get harder for you to consume unhealthy food again. Your digestive tract will not accept complex molecules of food. Once a healthy eater, always a healthy eater.

Checking how many calories your meals contain will also help you in determining how much you are consuming in a day. It should fall under the specified limit of calories that your body is supposed to receive in a day for remaining active and maintaining, reducing, or increasing our weight.

An important aspect of calculating calories is to understand that there is a concept called good calories, which, even if consumed in slightly higher quantities, may not increase the weight of an individual.

Eating Only As Much As We Can Burn

You must know how to burn the calories that you are consuming but are not in the permissible range of consumption. This can be done, patently by exercising. Here is where your awareness about your calories and quantities kicks in.

Depending on how much you consume, you need to decide upon the type of workout that you ought to do. For instance, If you know that you are taking in higher amounts of calories, you can opt for intense cardio exercise. Similarly, if you are ingesting raw edibles and foodstuffs that contain lesser and healthier calories, you can go for simple workout routines.

Ultimately, the goal should be to consume only so much that it could be burned without an uphill struggle.

Engaging Yourself In Various Activities/Keeping The Mind Busy

The idiom, during the lockdown, can be modified to “An idle mind is an Eater’s workshop”. While you sit aimlessly, lacking a purpose or running out of work to do, you need to keep yourselves busy in some activity or the other.

Being idle will only make you feel more hungry, especially during the initial stages of practicing healthy eating habits. Hence, you can take to playing a sport, listening to music or even paint or write for that matter.

These rules, if followed, are sure to make you attain the weight goals you’ve been aspiring to achieve, while you have ample time to do what it takes due to the lockdown.

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